I wanted to express some of my thoughts on the 20/20 airing.  I am so thankful that ABC did the story on Kathy, they spent many hours filming and interviewing for it.  To know the material they had and then see how they put it all together was interesting.  I wondered how they would fit the pieces together to present the story.   A story that was just a story to others but to my family real life and a nightmare that we lived through.

My heart was saddened to see the end of Kathy’s life flash before me on television.  Though I may have seemed calm on the outside my emotions were running through me like a locomotive.  Time seem to be in fast motion as I tried to absorb it all.  I’m thankful for todays technology which will allow me to watch it again. It was too hard to take it all in that night.

I watched it quietly with someone I love dearly and it helped to be in that atmosphere as the pictures of my family flashed before me.  One particular picture of Kathy with the pumpkins I had never seen before, that was precious to me.  The crime scene photo  was a picture of reality that was hard to swallow.  I would rather have not seen that the number of times it was shown.

I was glad they depicted how the 70’s were.  Those of us who lived it, have forgotten.  And those that have never lived it needed to understand how it was back then.  A person could walk the streets of Franklin NH and not be afraid, most did not lock their doors at night.

I was shocked to see all the photo’s of Edward Dukette.  There was one of him with long sideburns, that was the one that twisted the insides of  my stomach and put a memory in my head.  With all the photo’s of him lined up, it was like picking him out of a police line up and saying, “that’s him, that’s the man.”  I would like to say, that even though this man was involved he was not the only one and there is still a murderer and people of interest that need to be brought in.  We do not give up because Edward Dukette has passed away…..  TAKE A LOOK AT  http://www.concordmonitor.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20091030/FRONTPAGE/910300311

  I also want to say, my heart goes out to the family and friends of Melanie Melanson.  One thing my family is thankful for is that Kathy was found the following day.  We didn’t have to live days, months or years wondering what happened to her.  Or cling to the hope that, maybe, just maybe she was still alive.  I pray that they will find Melanie soon, that the family would at least have that.

Again, I would like to thank ABC 20/20 for airing Kathy’s story.  Because of it the NH State Police have received some phone calls concerning Kathy’s murder and that is what my family hoped for.  I am sure that Tom Shamshak will also be getting feedback from all of this.  Here is their information again in case anyone reading this needs to call them. Don’t be afraid…..


NH State Police Detective Scott Gilbert

(603) 271-2663     1-800-525-5555

Thomas P. Shamshak

Shamshak Investigative Services, Inc.

800-422-0944 National Toll Free Line


617-948-2501 Fax Line

Email: tshamshak@aol.com

Homepage: www.shamshakpi.com





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