Suspect dies;wire plan fizzles

First I’d like to thank Ray for doing the article on Ed Dukette dying and how it affected our family.  As usual though all the facts are not completely there.  I don’t know if its because journalist are in such a hurry to write everything down or its because of the deadline they are under.  Maybe, its because they don’t listen fully to what is being said.

One thing I definitely would like to clear up is the attempt made on me by Ed Dukette.  It was when he rented the upstairs apartment from my parents, the wife he had then is not the same wife he  was with at the time of his death.  Also, I was not 15 I was younger.  It happened before Kathy’s murder and it was long enough before that when they asked me if I knew anyone that would murder Kathy his name did not come to mind.  I did not know his reputation and did think it was an isolated case with me.  I was never able to tell anyone about it until his name came up in questioning during the 1983 reopening of Kathy’s murder.  Then I thought, “Oh my word, could he have had something to do with Kathy’s murder?”  As I and Janet remember, his name was NEVER brought up in questioning  in the 1971 investigation.

There were plans to go to Florida to plead with him before he died.  I understand his faith and was hoping to convince him to do the right thing and confess all before he met his Maker.  God would have wanted him to…..  He is a forgiving God but also one that requires justice….  Justice is not required for Salvation but is expected as part of the fruit that is produced from such a salvation.

I pray that anyone else that claims to be a born again Christian, or not, and knows something about this case will come forward and do the right thing.  God is a loving, forgiving God but He also is a God that desires justice for all.

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