We Received Sad News Today


Today our family received some sad news about one of the suspects in Kathy’s murder.  Ed Dukette who has been in the media as one connected to Kathy’s rape and murder, died on Thursday, August 13th 2009.  Especially sad because there was something in the works that involved him and it gave the family hope for some promising results.  You can read how horrible this man was in the newspaper articles I have supplied. 

 Another has died without ever having to pay for the brutal thing he did.  Another man died in 2008.  There were four men that hurt Kathy and were involved in her murder and now two are dead.  They lived their lives as free men, never having to pay for what they did.  Never serving one day in prison for being a part of such a horrific crime.  They were part of raping, beating and strangling a young girl.  And if that wasn’t enough, they ran over her four times to make sure she was dead.  Together they left her in the woods on a cold November night in 1971, bruised, broken and naked.  How unjust, they enjoyed freedom all the days of their lives while Kathy suffered at their hands and was denied life after the age of thirteen.

 Two men are still alive, we are coming after you with a veageance……

4 thoughts on “We Received Sad News Today”

  1. Dear Family of Kathy,
    While reading the Keene Sentinel this evening I remembered going to Camp Bernadette in the sixties with Janet Gloddy from Franklin NH. I recall this terrible deed in 1971 and wondered at that time if Kathy and Janet were sisters. Determined to find out this time, I googled some articles and found the answer to my question. How sorry I am for your entire family. I cannot imagne the pain and suffering this caused all of you. Please accept my belated condolences.
    Andrea D. Payne


    1. Thank you Andrea for your comment. We are touched by so many people who care about what happened to our family. Your words are appreciated.


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