Event Held At The North Haverhill Fair For Kathy’s Reward Fund

Our sincere thanks to all the merchants in North Haverhill, Woodsville, Orford, Bradford,Wells River, Tilton and Franklin  for donating gifts for the “Kathy Lynn Gloddy Reward Fund”  raffle.  Your generosity and desire to help my family seek justice for Kathy, who was brutally murdered in 1971; and to this day is unsolved means so much to all of us.  I know financially times are difficult for everyone but in this endeavor to collect free items to be raffled off, I saw hearts that are still willing to help those with a cause or with a need.

Also, to all those that bought raffle tickets, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You  listened to our  desire to seek justice  Kathy.  And in listening your heart was touched with wanting to give.  You encouraged the family to not give up the  passion we have for justice in seeking out those that did such an injustice to a young girl.

With all of your generosity, the Gloddy family was able to raise $700.00 to go towards the “Kathy Lynn Gloddy Reward Fund.”  Once again, thank you for all you’ve done.

Acknowledgement of Merchants

North Haverhill Insurance Agency, Hayloft Inn, Blackmount Country Club, Country Cottage Quilting,Blackmount Equipment, North Haverhill Agway, Pattens Sporting Goods, Mount Cube Sugar House,  Bradford Golf Club, Farmway, Colatina, Seams Sew Easy, Tranquilities Salon and Spa, Perfect Pear, Dragonfly’s Den, Atwood Inn, Mojoalaki Country Club, Tilton Holiday Inn Express.

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