Interview with Elizabeth Vargas on 7/22/2009

Janet and I will head off to Boston tomorrow in preparation for the interview with Elizabeth Vargas for the 20/20 program on Kathy.  I must say I’m nervous, and I know Janet is also.  I pray this presentation of what happened to Kathy will reveal to all how brutally she was murdered.   That it might trigger someones memory with any detail that would bring the people involved to trial. 

There are four men who hurt her (one passed away in 2008). They need to be charged with the awful crime they committed.  We want the name of the officer who that leaked information to one of the main suspects back in 1971  to be revealed also.  What he did was corruption and may have hindered Kathy’s chance for justice in 1971 and 1983.  

I and my family knew that something wasn’t right with the investigation in 1983, and it is documented that there was interference.  That this man was an officer of the law who knew what these men did to this young girl and still helped them is preposterous.  Though he has since passed away, we want his name revealed when this case breaks open.  It is going to be solved.    So much has happened with this case. The family is still hopeful that justice will prevail…..

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