Vigil of Hope Big Success (Covered by ABC 20/20, WMUR, Local News)

WMUR covers the Vigil Of Hope for Kathy Lynn Gloddy  http://www.wmur.com/news/20028353/detail.html

WE are exhausted but satisfied with the results of the vigil held for Kathy Lynn Gloddy tonight.  Many emotions flowed from the family, friends and old classmates as  testimony was given about Kathy’s brutal murder.  Tears were shed, laughter was heard and smiles were given one to another as the memories of Kathy were portrayed.

Mr. Hinkle, Tom Shamshak PI and the Gloddy Family all spoke about the progress being made in Kathy’s murder.  All are hopeful that after almost 40 years, the case is on its way to finally being solved.  After sharing  information and personal testimony about the events of Kathy’s murder, all who attended took a candlelight walk from Franklin High School to the  bridge where she was last seen.  There the syblings threw a wreath made of daisies(Kathy’s favorite flower)into the river followed by a reception at St. Mary’s School the last School Kathy attended.

The family thanks all who attended and helped with putting on the vigil.  You have given us encouragement to press on…..   Thank you for your support.  Special thanks to Theresa Mahoney, master of ceremonies.  She did a wonderful job for the family.   Also thank you to Mr. Hinkle, Tom Shamshak,Pastor Weeden, ABC 20/20, WMUR.


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