Candlelight Vigil Approaching

Kathy's Vigil

The vigil is approaching and the family is working hard on all the last minute details to achieve success.  Over 1800 flyer’s have been passed out to get the details out about the vigil and the reward foundation.  Programs have been worked on, vigil candles put together, CD music made, picture board and so  many other details have been worked on.  We hope to have a beautiful tribute to our sister, we miss her tremendously.    Thank you to all of those outside the family that have helped in getting many things accomplished for this very important event.

This weekend I spent the fourth of July in Boston watching the fireworks.  I thought of Kathy, how patriotic she was.  She would have loved them and the whole theme of  “God Bless America.”   If you could read some of her poems you would see the love she had for her country.     She was concerned about the war going on and lives being lost, something most thirteen year olds didn’t think about.  Our  brother Roger was serving in Germany at the time of her death and had to fly home for her funeral.  She was a sensitive and loving person, caring for others more than herself.

I encourage all who can attend the vigil to come, it is going to be a wonderful event, a remembrance of our love for her.  One that will be recorded forever…..

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