Continued Planning For Candlelight Vigil

Kathy's Vigil: July 11th 2009

The family continues to plan for the candlelight vigil being held at Franklin High School at Franklin NH, from 6:00 to 8:30.  Refreshments will be served following the vigil at St. Mary’s School.  The last school Kathy attended, she was 13 and in eighth grade.    Franklin High School, for years, is where we believed she was last seen in 1971.  We have recently learned that she was last seen on the bridge, just after the high school,  heading towards West Franklin. 

Some of the speakers set up for the vigil are, Tom Shamshak, Representative Pete Hinkle (incorporated the Cold Case Unit bill), and the family.  Theresa Mahoney, a long time family friend will be Master of Ceremonies.  This vigil will help all of us to remember the value of Kathy’s life, to never give up fighting for her and to give those in her 1971 class a time to reflect.  The family knows that  many of those students, over the years, have struggled with the reality of Kathy’s murder just as we have.

Would you be one of those that would say, “You need to get over it and move on?”  We have moved on, but we will never forget.  I trust you wouldn’t either, if one of  your loved ones was brutally beaten, repeatedly raped, stranggled, run over four times and left in the woods naked on a cold November night.

2 thoughts on “Continued Planning For Candlelight Vigil”

  1. My heart goes out to you. My god what love and devotion you have for her to keep her in your hearts all these years. I am sadden at your loss and proud to be a member of the human race in the face of your courage.


    1. Thank you for your comment. When we had that vigil there was a lot going on, filming with ABC 20/20, new information coming in on Kathy’s murder, fighting for the Cold Case Unit that New Hampshire now has.
      Murder changes a person forever, life is never the same. Fighting for the Cold Case Unit was for Kathy and for all that still wait for justice in New Hampshire. Making a difference brings healing. I think Kathy would be proud……


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