THE BILL FOR A COLD CASE UNIT GOT THE GREEN LIGHT TODAY.  THE BILL PASSED AND OUR FAMILY WAS NOTIFIED BY MR. HINKLE.   This is fantastic news for all of us that have unsolved murders in our families and for those who have been fighting for such a unit.  There are over 100 unsolved murders, and many can be solved if there was time and money spent on them.  

It has been 38 years that my family has waited for answers in the brutal murder of our sister Kathy.  With this unit more time can be spent on her case and  other cases that have been waiting to be solved.  I believe within the first year,  this unit will be close to solving if not  solve two of the unsolved cases. 

This cold case unit gives us hope, and hope to all of those who have been waiting for years to hear news that someone has been apprehended in the murder of their loved one.  We have been praying for this unit and thank God for it.

As a family we would like to personally thank Mr. Hinkle for putting in a four year effort into getting this bill passed.  Also thanks to all those that showed up at the meetings in support of the cold case unit.  Some with murdered loved ones and some not.     THERE IS VICTORY IN THE BATTLE!

Our family is hoping with the help of  Tom Shamshak PI who is working on Kathy’s case pro bono and the new cold case unit, that we will see promising results.


  1. so sorry for your loss. i saw this on cnn web this am and was so touched by it. i’ve never had to suffer that kind of loss in my family and have always felt blessed i guess. i can’t imagine…take care and be well.


    1. Thank you so much. It has been a life of ups and downs regarding the loss of Kathy. We have been encouraged at times that her case would be solved only to have it dashed yet another time. We are praying this time with the help of Tom Shamshak PI and the new Cold Case Unit she will have justice and the family will finally have peace and rest. We are pushing for national coverage on this story… She deserves justice, especially after all this time.


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