Fox News Update

Fox News has finished their interviews and filming for Saturdays broadcast.  The story will run four minutes, and covers the interviews with Ann, Janet and I.  They did filming in Franklin,  at the cemetery, the site Kathy was found and where we use to live.

On Monday, the 11th, Ann and Janet went to the site where Kathy was found.  Tom Shamshak, Jim Conrad, and Fox News was present.  Bob Ward did the interviews and Jennifer Platt did all the filming.  They were very sensitive throughout the process of putting this piece together.  It was the first time the family knew the actual place that Kathy’s body was found.  The family was thankful that Jim was willing to bring Ann and Janet to the site where Kathy was left in 1971. For 38 years we were unsure exactly where it was.  Now we have a place to put a cross and flowers as a remembrance of the day our precious sister was taken from us.  It may not mean much to some but to us it is of value.  Thank you Jim.  Thank you Tom for pursueing justice.  Lastly, thank you Bob and Jennifer for getting our story out and being sensitive along the way. 

My heart ached throughout the day as Ann and Janet gave me updates on what was going on.  I so wanted to be there, to hold their hands as they saw where Kathy was left.  So carelessly left on the ground.  

As I worked on pictures and newspaper articles for the book that day, Kathy’s picture was in view.  Knowing what was going on back in New Hampshire, caused me to shed quite a few tears.  When I go back to New Hampshire Ann and Janet will show me the site and together we will lay flowers and put a cross where she was found. 

As the knowledge came out about the exact spot, I remembered the night my dad and I went looking for her and past Webster Street.  It was the street I had such a strong feeling we should go up, but convinced myself that was silly.   I thought, if she was walking she would stay on the main road.  To this day, I still wish I had told my dad to go up that road.  It was a little after midnight when we passed by that road.  Shortly after that we returned home to find out that she hadn’t returned.

We are hoping to have a vigil sometime in June or July where she was found.  Inviting family, friends and some of her old classmates.  I think there are many in Franklin that need such an event.  I know for a fact that there are classmates of Kathy’s that are still hurt by what was done to her.  Good things are happening…  New information coming in.  Maybe someday we’ll have closure.

The Senate met today and passed the bill for the Cold Case Unit but they need to find the funds for it.  It isn’t a sure thing yet but it’s encouraging for all of us who have lost a loved one by murder and it’s never been solved.

Remember to watch www.myfoxboston.com at 10:30 for the broadcast.  Go to the bottom of the page, click on Bob Ward’s Crime Files.

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