Senate Hearing On Incorporating Cold Case Unit In NH

There is a meeting on Apil 30th 2009 before the New Hampshire State Senate.  The subject is to incorporate a cold case unit in New Hampshire, and it’s purpose will be to work on unsolved murders.  New Hampshire has over 100 unsolved murders.   This number does not include those who have been missing for years and are believed to have been murdered.  I am thankful that is not the case in Kathy’s murder.  She was found the following day on the 22nd of November in 1971.

My sisters and I will be speaking at the Senate hearing.  Ann and Janet went to the hearing before the House.  Ann spoke to them about how important it was for us and other families to have this unit formed.  All of us live our lives never having closure on what happened to our loved ones and also knowing that the people that committed the horrendous crime, freely walk around to do it again.  Ann and Janet, plus others who spoke, made a great impact.  The House voted yes seven to one.  

This bill will now have to pass through the Senate for it to continue.  The last hearing produced a great amount of media attention and this hearing will hopefully produce even more.  Once the hearing is over, the family will be doing interviews and at that time some promising announcements will be made.  Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity.

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